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Physical Education 2020-2021

We are living in very unusual times in regards to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Stress and isolation are major factors in many lives. Being physically active and choosing healthy, nutritious food has never been more important as well as getting quality sleep.

Whether we like it or not, things have changed, lifestyles have changed so we must adjust to the current guidelines so we can stay healthy.

While PE is held outdoors, the students will be able to take off their masks as long as we are at safe distances apart. Students should bring labeled water bottles to class. Remember there are no running water fountains. It is recommended on the days students have PE, that they bring 2 water bottles that day. 

They will come to class wearing their masks. Hand sanitizer will be provided for each student as they enter and exit PE.  While  I take attendance and give instruction, the students will keep their masks on. We will spread out at appropriate distances for PE warm up so the students may remove their masks at that time.

Activities will be chosen based on the guidelines we have received. Between each class, all PE equipment that is touched will be sanitized. Because of this extra procedure of sanitizing, PE classes will be shortened to allow proper cleaning between classes. We are doing everything we can to keep our students safe. I know how important camaraderie, team sports, competition, and socialization is to the students so I will do my best to make PE a fun, learning environment. 

On days when there is bad weather and we are in the church hall for PE depending on class size, students may be required to wear their masks. If that is the case, activities and intensity  will be adjusted to allow for this. I will keep you updated with information about PE.  This is a link to an article on what happens to our bodies when we stay home and are sedentary