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Welcome to Fourth Grade!!


  1. Computer/Library           Monday, Tuesday
  2. Italian                             Tuesday, Thursday
  3. Music                             Wednesday
  4. Gym                               Thursday - girls      Friday - boys
  5. Art                                  Thursday -  boys     Friday - girls

Students will be switching for Math class this year, which will be taught by the Fifth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Ayers


     This year, much of our focus will be on improving our writing skills.  We will begin by practicing writing "super sentences" - these are complete sentences that have good describing words/phrases and create a detailed "picture" in the readers' minds.  There will also be an emphasis on checking our spelling and utilizing vocabulary words that reflect our fourth grade academic level.  Over the course of this school year, the students will work on the writing process as a whole, developing their skills in each step of the process; creative thinking, proper paragraph structure, edit and revision skills.  All paragraphs/stories will be presented orally by each student thus improving their oral skills as well as their listening skills.

   I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year with your children!